• Knowledge Cube (KC) is an application software to serve as a Virtual Musepedia of Islamic Civilization – VMIC Virtual Musepedia that brings together the experience of museums and encyclopaedias in an integrated immersive virtual environment.

• KC is a complete comprehensively integrated virtual documentation for the development of Islamic urbanization, architecture and civilization through its various dynasties and locations.

• This endeavour is a direct response to UNESCO’s prior actions, which show the various ways humanity has attempted to understand how culture may strengthen our sense of self.

• KC is founded on the belief that cultural heritage should be preserved by offering a dynamic platform for transmitting cultures as living legacies.

27 Countries

106 Cities

36 Historical Dynasties

A complete virtual addressing for the development of Islamic Architecture and Civilization through its different dynasties and locations within interactive virtual reconstructions.

Virtual Reconstructions

Scholars Inventions


Core Features

Asset repository.
Share and work together.
Exploration of Information.
A tool for recovering lost history.
Using virtual interactive knowledge representations to tell the untold story.
Interact with history and explore the ease and speed with which knowledge can be discovered and visualized.


Discover Concepts in real time, evaluate ideas quickly, and envision hidden contexts, telling the untold story of the tangible and intangible ideas embedded in Islamic Civilization.


Architecture, products, and the socio-cultural context, of Islamic Civilization are all integrated in one comprehensive immersive entity to tell the untold story of Islamic Civilization.

KC is based on the
Hepteract Hypercube Cube of Islamic Civilization – HHIC


KC serves a wide range of users, through its platform. Complicated concepts shall be accessible and presented to users of all ages.

VR Education / Research Digital Heritage Culture and Cultural Tourism​



Signing ceremony of MOU at USIM Professor Dato Ts Dr. Sharifudin Md Shaarani, Vice-Chancellor. and Prof. Osama Elrawi
Signing ceremony of MOU at USIM Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia Advanced VR Application , I-NAI Venture Holdings SDN, BHD, Malaysia

Prof. Osama Elrawi and Eng. Mostafa Nabil at The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia